A Career in Mexico

Join the most successful sales team in Mexico! Vida Vacations is hiring Full-Time Sales Professionals to work in Los Cabos, Puerto Peñasco, Mazatlán, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta,  Acapulco and Cancún . We are looking for high-energy, sales driven professionals who connect quickly with others and are willing to re-locate. Compensation is highly rewarding and the quality of life is unmatched.

Available Positions

Sales Representative


  • Introduce guests to Vida Vacations and all of its brands
  • Refamiliarize members with Vida Vacations brands and educate them on new features and upcoming developments
  • Accurately and effectively represent the unique products associated with Vida Vacation brands and all the opportunities that accompany them

Position Requirements:

  • Exceptional communicator with great interpersonal skills
  • A self-starter with a track record of applying initiative
  • A fast learner who can incorporate relevant facts and numbers into the brand presentation
  • Passion for travel

Outbound Call Representative


  • Invite the members through a phone call, to take advantage of their membership by traveling to one of the Vidanta destinations,  

Position requirements:

  • Exceptional communicator with great interpersonal skills on the phone
  • Proficient with basic computer applications
  • Passionate traveler
  • Goal Achiever

Competitive Benefits:

  • Base salary
  • Great commissions scheme
  • Balanced work – life schedule
  • Amazing working environment

Sales Management


  • Oversee a team of 4 to 6 sales representatives
  • Set and manage execution of sales goals and success metrics
  • Ensure Vida Vacations and associated brands are being properly and successfully represented by team members  
  • Provide professional development and skill growth opportunities for team members

Position Requirements:

  • Exceptional communicator
  • Great team player
  • Possesses leadership qualities, including a sense of initiative, a love for solving problems, and the ability to motivate and energize others
  • Passion for travel
  • Proficient with basic computer applications, including Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Experience as a sales representative
  • 2+ years of relevant sales management experience


Position Requirements:

  • Men and Women
  • From 18 to 25 years old
  • English Fluent Speaker
  • Extrovert
  • Creative
  •  Positive Attitude
  • With ease to establish interpersonal relationships
  • With courteous and kind attention in your deal
  • With a desire to learn, have fun and earn money.





Competitive Benefits

  • Competitive compensation package
  • Administrative and legal assistance with international employment process
  • Ongoing professional training and skillset development
  • Internal career advancement opportunities
  • Amazing incentives program
  • Enjoy the high quality of life working and living in beautiful, highly desirable beach destinations throughout Mexico

Vida's Voices

I joined Vida Vacations in October 2013 after a lucrative career with Carnival Cruise Lines. I had discovered Puerto Vallarta through my days working on a cruise ship, and knew this was a place that I wanted to live and start a family. Both my wife and I have established successful careers with Vida Vacations and have seen our lives change in wonderful ways.

My first experience of the company was an introduction day with my wife, we were professionally escorted around the resort by one of the directors. The resort grounds and the hospitality of the staff and the members was to the highest standard. During my two-week academy course, I was amazed at the level of investment and personal attention that was given to the newly hired staff. It was a challenging two weeks, but I instantly knew I was working for a special company in a special role and they would support me all the way. The constant training and development opportunities have seen me develop from an average salesperson to an elite member of the sales team in under a year. The vision of the company and investment into its people has given my wife and I a career that most only dream of, and the vacation benefits are out of this world.

Adam P.