What to know about living in Mexico?

What to know about living in Mexico?

By Natasha Minguer


If you ever speak with an Expat living in Mexico you will hear this story over and over again; “I came here for a couple months and decided to stay”. Over different variations and different places but overall the same experience. With over 2 million Americans living in this country, Mexico becomes an Expat’s haven! But why are so many Americans are deciding to change their lives and move to Mexico?


Purchasing Power – The amount of money you make in Mexico will have far more purchasing power in Mexico than in the US. There are cities in the United States where, according to CNBC, to live a comfortable life you need to make over 50k a year. The lowest income you needed to live comfortably was Kentucky with 43k.

“How much money do you need in Mexico to live comfortably?” – It depends where you want to live. Much like the US, Mexico does have expensive areas to live in where a small percentage of people do reside, however, if you’re looking for comfortable, relaxing, and beautiful living in Mexico it will cost you half of what it is in the US. This will make it easier to (1) save money for a retirement, or (2) increase your lifestyle with luxuries in Mexico.


“Can I make money in Mexico with no Spanish?” – Most of the jobs offered for Expats require you to speak to Americans and Canadians in jobs like Real Estate, Timeshare, Décor Shops, and other industries that appeal to the retired American living or related to tourism. So, no, you do not need to speak Spanish. (We certainly encourage you to learn, though)


“How much would I pay for rent?” – A typical 2-bedroom apartment in Marina Vallarta, for example, ranges between 15,000 and 30,000 pesos. (This is the equivalent to $750-$1,500 usd) There are many other places to live in comfortable middle-class neighborhoods that cost far less and where many expats currently live happy lives. As a general rule, the closer you live to the beach, the more expensive it gets.


Security – Nowadays, it’s easy to find information regarding safety of travel outside the US and Canada.   Unlike the 80’s, when we relied on our crazy friend who packed his/her things and left for Acapulco and called us every once in a while, to tell us how beautiful and safe it is, now we find ourselves surfing the internet with so many mixed emotions over people who have visited, people who have never visited, people with good and bad perceptions alike. Regarding security in Mexico, there are 3 things you need to remember:


  1. The same precautions you would take in cities like Chicago, New Orleans, and Washington apply in Mexico as well. – You wouldn’t go to the sketchiest bars in those cities, would you? Same in Mexico.
  2. Trust the right people – If people like Bill Gates are investing in Punta Mita and companies like Nickelodeon are investing in Riviera Maya, do you trust their legal and business development team or should you trust the ranting TV host at your local news station?

Respect Traditions – Nobody likes to be disrespected in their own home. This is mainly regarding how you speak about the locals and how you interact with them. If you are a respectful person with other traditions and cultures then you will have no problem living in Mexico.

Overall, living in Mexico will open your mind into a whole different dimension; living in Mexico can get you in contact with nature, other cultures, many different opinions and ways of living, and the bottom line will always be a positive experience whether you stay for long or short period.



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